There Is A Hole in My Bucket

“There’s a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza.  There’s a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, a hole.”  

As I was browsing through the DS106 visual choices for my next assignment, I was drawn to the bucket list option.  Why?  Sometimes life gets so busy that we forget to dream and realize that those dreams could be a real possibility.  I had made a bucket list in the past but couldn’t even remember where I put it – there was a “hole” in my bucket!  This project inspired me to take a break, dream and begin to put plans together to make some of those dreams come true.  For this particular assignment, we were instructed to create a collage of at least 4 of our bucket list items, label them and explain each one.  I illustrated six of my top choices, but my list was actually much longer.  I began to research other bucket lists on google which inspired me to remember what was on my prior bucket list and add even more.  I have put my new list in a prominent place and will continue to add to it.  I have remembered that I love to dream.  Here are six of bucket list items:

  • Learn to Tap Dance – I have always wanted to tap dance – it just looks like fun.  And, what a great skill to have when you are walking down the street and something wonderful happens.  Tap and sing away!
  • Visit the Sydney Opera House – I can’t remember a time that I was not in love with Australia and the Sydney Opera House!
  • Use a Pottery Wheel – I would like to do even more than just use a pottery wheel.  I would like to become good at.  This is a retirement dream.
  • Perform in Community Theater – As a music teacher, I direct several plays every year.  It would be fun to get to be in one.
  • Have a Song Published – I have written several songs but have never tried to get them published.
  • Attend the Kentucky Derby (and wear a big hat) – This would be fun!

BeFunky Collage

I created this collage using the suggested site Be Funky and found it fairly simple to use.  It was easy to upload the pictures I found on google and use the grid template from Be Funky to add the pictures to.  Adding the text proved to be fairly simple as well.

I plan to print out my collage and put a copy of the rest of my bucket list on the back.  It will be a great visual reminder to continue to dream, chase my dreams and never get another “hole in my bucket” again.



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