A Week of Firsts!

So many new things happened this week!  I had never heard of hypothes.is before, tweeted over one tweet in a week, really understood twitter #@, experienced ds106, blogged more than 3 times in a week (and tweeted about it), or had a class that functioned for the most part outside of Canvas.  Oh, I forgot to mention Tweetdeck (which has been a lifesaver by the way).   With so many new things, I felt like I spent a lot of time this week learning about these new tools by exploring and trial and error.

I took Lisa’s advice and organized my week.  I created a google doc with all of the assignments and marking them off as I went through (I love being able to mark things off a list….).  I was able to complete all of the assignments and one of my favorites was the daily create.  I enjoyed the unique challenges that were presented and the learning that took place as I tried to come up with ideas for the challenge.  Another favorite was Hypothesis.  What an amazing way to collaborate and discuss the readings – right on the document.  This was an incredible tool and I felt it is a near perfect way to discuss the readings.

I struggled with Twitter and understanding how it worked with hashtags, ampersands, and simply keeping up with what was being tweeted.  After I read through Laura Gogia’s article on Why a Course Hashtag, signed up for Tweetdeck, and read other articles online, I started to have a better understanding of Twitter and how it all worked.  You can read more of my thoughts and explorations with Twitter in my blog Tweet, Tweet, Let’s Collaborate.

With most of my classes in the past, I have focused on the theme of music and drama.  With this class taking place in the summer and having my children at home, I would like for my focal theme to be exploring our own backyard/neighborhood – Colorado.  This is my attempt to find balance with family and school work.

My head is still spinning from all the learning that took place this week and I am excited to continue next week.  I feel like I have exceeded my expectations.  When this week started I was overwhelmed and was not sure I would successfully make it to the end of the week – but viola, here I am!  I finished all of the projects to the best of my ability at this point.  I know that the best of my ability will only improve as this class moves forward.



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