Digital Story Critique #1


I found an interesting digital story from the website StoryCenter formally known as The Center for Digital Storytelling.  The website serves as a place for people to share their stories to help change lives and communities.  The three traits from Jason Ohler that I chose to focus on were:

  1. Originality, Voice, and Creativity
  2. Media Application
  3. Sense of Audience

The story I viewed was titled Resaved.  The title itself is what drew me to the video.  What did the author mean by resaved?  This story by Marie Lovejoy was about the unconditional love of a father and his daughter.   Marie was an artsy liberal child of conservative parents.  She decided to buy an old used chevy truck to pull an Airstream trailer and head out across the country.  Not too far into her trip, the truck broke down and she realized she had made a mistake.  The only thing she knew to do was call her parents. You would assume they would be upset and tell her the error of her ways, but they did not. Her dad affirmed and admonished her.  We soon find that for several years she wanted to tell her dad how much that conversation meant to her but she never did tell him. Later, her dad got sick and she arrived at the hospital too late – never getting to share her feelings.

The author tells a beautiful story with expressive and descriptive writing.  You can picture the truck even before she shows you the picture of it.  There was originality in the way the story was told with creative wording.  The narration was clear and pleasant to listen to.

The pictures she used helped to draw her audience into the story – I saw “dusty rose” the truck and the love between the author and her father.  Additional media was background music which enhanced the story as well as a voicemail that she had saved of her father wishing her a happy birthday.  This reminded me of the many voicemails my husband saved of his mother calling him.  They are a treasure to him since she passed away three years ago.

According to StoryCenter, the website is used to help change lives and communities. Therefore, I feel that the author was speaking to all, reminding them never to hesitate or wait to share feelings with loved ones – you don’t want to miss out.

Overall, this was a touching story.  I loved the wisdom of the father and the acceptance of that wisdom by the daughter.  I felt like the beginning was well developed but the end felt empty.  This could have been done on purpose to represent the emptiness she felt without her father.  At one point there is no narration and you hear chains and someone walking.  I am not sure what the purpose of this effect was.  Also, I am still not sure what the title “Resaved” had to do with the story.  Her Dad did save her with her broken down truck and again reiterated what a blessing she was at the end in his voicemail.  Maybe that is being resaved?




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