Sweet Dreams and Memories

For our audio assignment in ILT 5340, I choose Audio Assignment 1601 titled Solo Vocal Trio from DS106.  For this assignment, we were required to record our voice three times singing the same song.  We were not allowed to use effects nor edit the tracks.  I chose a special song that I used to sing to my children when they were babies to put them to sleep. As I did a little research on the composer tonight, I found out that is an old Welsh Air written by Sir Harold Boulton.  I love the words to this lullaby!

I used Garageband for this project.  The process was fairly simple:  I laid down my first track using the internal microphone on my computer and then added another track.  I put headphones on so I could hear the first track and sang along with myself (strange feeling actually).  Then I did the same thing with the third track.  Finally, I sent the file to Soundcloud, and it was finished.  It took a quick google search to find out how to embed the Soundcloud player into WordPress, the directions can be found here.

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