Letterboxing – Digital Story Critique #2



This week I choose to critique a story centered around my focal theme: Exploring your own backyard with your children.  A few years ago I read about letterboxing in a Family Fun magazine and decided to try it out with our family.  We love letterboxing! It is a great way to get the family exploring all kinds of amazing places in the neighborhood or all over the world.  Because I love it so much, I wanted to introduce letterboxing to you.  It’s fun for everyone – I even spent one girls-night-out finding letterboxes in downtown Denver.  The video I am critiquing this week will show a simple introduction to letterboxing and I will do a follow-up post showing the websites and an app that I use to find boxes as well as some pictures of our adventures.

I found a video on youtube titled What is Letterboxing?  Stamps, Treasure Hunting, and Older than Geocaching!  I have chosen three traits from Jason Ohler’s Assessing Digitial Stories to focus on for this particular story.


The author of this video did a great job of describing and showing how to letterbox.  She shows the items that you need at the beginning of the video and then proceeds to demonstrate how to start your “treasure hunt”.  In the description of the video, a link is provided to give you more information on where to get your clues on the internet and an overview of what letterboxing is.

Content Understanding

The author understood the content that she was presenting.  She had apparently been letterboxing several times because of the various stamps that were in her book.  With letterboxing, it is extremely important to not reveal to those around you where you found the box or what you are doing exactly.  She emphasized this in the video and successfully showed the viewer that it was important to be “stealthy” as well as not revealing the exact locations of the boxes that she found in her video.

Originality and Creativity

There are many sites available to read about letterboxing but there are few quality videos on the topic.  I thought the pacing, little pieces of humor, and the process of telling the story of letterboxing was creative and original.  The author gives just enough information to give you the basics of letterboxing without being overwhelming; hopefully, sparking your curiosity enough to do some research on your own.

Overall, this was a well thought out and researched video.  There were many aspects of letterboxing such as the history, hitchhikers and planting your own boxes that are not explored but I felt like that would be “information overload” if it was included.  The purpose of this video was to get people interested in letterboxing and do some more research on their own.  Well done.


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