She Likes it, She Really, Really Likes It!


Week #2 of Digital Storytelling is almost complete and guess what?  I am really enjoying this class.  The first week was overwhelming only because of the uncertainty of leaving the familiarity and safety of the Canvas platform and being nudged into the world of the unknown.   This week, I felt like I knew where to look to find the assignments, Hypothesis was already installed, ds106 was fun and not such a mystery (I loved the challenges and exploring new tools) and twitter…well twitter is getting easier.  My greatest “ah -hah” moment was something I believe our instructor Remi mentioned.  He is looking to hear our voice more than “academic” APA style writing.  That was a relief.  That is what I felt blogging was about, getting to know the voice of the person blogging – their personality.  So now I will try to write with more freedom (and still try and watch my grammar) but more importantly, express my voice through creative writing.

I completed all of the assignments for the week and made my first meme as well as played with the free photo editing software, pixler.  Blogging is getting easier and more enjoyable.  Twitter is coming along.  I still feel like I miss many of the posts, especially on my phone.  When I get to my computer, TweetDeck makes everything easier to read and find.  I enjoyed having my theme picked out so that I could focus my assignments towards that goal.  It actually made me stretch to find a scholarly article that could incorporate remix with my theme.  I found something that I would never have looked for and I love the project that my family will be working on this next weekend as we mashup old pictures of historical places in Denver with current pictures that we take.

Overall, I feel like I exceeded my expectations this week.  I did each project and assignment to the best of my ability and learned new skills along the way.  Thank you for the challenges!

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