Colorado Fun Compilation Video


When my family began to talk about going on vacation this year, we had many places we wanted to visit but because of circumstances, going far away or to the beach (where we really wanted to go) was not possible this year.  One evening I was sharing with my husband that growing up in Missouri, my family came to Colorado several times for vacation and saw many incredible sites.  My husband and two children ages 10 and 13 currently reside in Littleton, CO and we had not taken the time to see many of the things that I had seen as a child visiting Colorado.  I guess when you live here, it just becomes normal to see the amazing mountains right outside your window.  My family decided that we would take a few weekends this summer to go explore “our very own backyard”.  We live in a beautiful state that people come from all over the world to visit – we should visit too.

The following video shows a few of the places we would like to visit over the next few weekends.

This video was produced for an assignment in Digital Storytelling for the University of Colorado Denver. The project was chosen from the video bank assignments 1736 at For this assignment, we were required to gather clips from several videos and make a compilation video that goes with a theme. My theme was activities that you could do with your children over the summer close to home.

I downloaded several videos from Youtube to my Mac computer.  I found that putting ss in front of the youtube link immediately converted the video and allowed you to download it to your computer.  For example, if the link was you would add ss before youtube and it would send the video to a converter:  I uploaded the videos into iMovie and began editing the videos into small clips for my project. The tutorial found on ds106 Video Compilation project 1736 was extremely helpful in explaining the process from Youtube download to final product.  I also found some great free music to add to my final production on Free Music Archives.  Let me know if you are from Colorado and get to visit some of these fun places over the summer!


Here is a list of the videos used:
Breckenridge to Frisco BikeTrail:

Colorado Cycling Keystone to Dillon Bike Path:

Seven Falls Colorado:

Estes Park Tour:

Pikes Peak Highway Downhill:

Denver Mint Production and Process Informational Video:

If You’re a Thrill Seeker, You Better Visit This Place:

The music titled “Summer Fun” is by Scott Holmes and can be found on the Free Music Archive site here:

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