Busy, Busy! Week 3 Reflection


Busy, Busy!

This week was full of unexpected guests and musicals. Sometimes you just have those weeks that make it difficult to get things done in the timely fashion you had planned.  But, everything did get done.  The video assignment was fun and I found more places for my family to visit over the summer.  For one of the daily creates, I got to use the Sketchbook app on my iPad (with a mini lesson from my 10-year-old daughter) and despite my lack of artistic skills, found it fun to play with.

My biggest struggle this week was wrapping up a musical I was directing and doing two shows this week as well as company staying overnight unexpectedly.  The time I normally had for homework had to be moved around.  Just one of those busy weeks.  I like that this class has a similar format for each week and I did not have to struggle to figure out what was due, I just had to find time to do it.

Some items I would like to get to this week would be to blog about our hiking trip that we took as well as a follow-up post to the Monster Mash blog.  We were able to go downtown over the weekend to get our pictures of places downtown and will be photoshopping the images this week.

The reading on DIY was interesting and once again I was glad I have great people in my group annotating.  Their comments so often bring clarity to items that I might find confusing.  I realized how much I loved Hypothesis when it was not working correctly for a few days.  I really depend on the yellow highlights of classmates!

Overall, this was another great week for Digital Storytelling.  Through exploring my digital story to critique, I was inspired to investigate more on Youtube video sensations.  Many of these videos that teens are creating are very well done!  I would love to learn more about how they are doing this and how they learned how to do it!  Sorry, that was a bunny trail but I needed to write it down so I could remember that I need to check up on that this week.  Great week – I feel like I met the expectations but next week, I would like to meet them before the weekend!

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