Vintage – Mt. Falcon


Vintage Mt. Falcon Poster

For the ds106 design challenge, I chose to work on DesignAssignment 1770 – Vintage-ify a place.  My theme for this semester is exploring your own backyard with your children.  We had recently hiked Mt. Falcon in Indian Hills, Colorado (about 20 minutes from our home) and I thought it would be a great “memory” type piece for our family to take one of our photos from the trip and “Vintage-ify” it and hang it up in our home.

Rocky Mt. National ParkThe guidelines for this assignment were to take a photo of a popular place and make it look like the old 30’s and 40’s National Park posters. Here is an example of one of the original posters.  I found a great page on Pinterest by Ryan Baxter that has several examples of Vintage National Park posters.

I took one of the pictures from our recent hike and uploaded it into Picmonkey.  I played around with several of the editing options and tried to make the picture look “old”.  I still wanted our original picture to show through and not look so much like a drawing, so I opted for an older look rather than an artist rendition look.

Next, I sent the picture over to Canva because I like their text and editing tools  (I really like Canva for many things).  I played around with the text and tried to come close to replicating the National Park poster.  After adding the text, the colors still did not look right.  It felt like the text was “sticking out” or looked “too clean”.  I downloaded the picture with text from Canva and opened it in Pixler-o-matic.  I then added the Hagrid filter to get the  final look I was after.  I probably could have used one program for all of this, but I enjoyed experimenting with each one and learned about some new tools.


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