Week 4 Reflection

It is already week 4!  Wow!  My goal from last week was to get things done earlier in the week and that happened, except for my reflection.  Good.  Once again, I had a great time working on the Daily Creates and I was able to put into practice several of the tools and skills I had developed by completing several of the challenges. My husband needed slides for a presentation that he did this morning.  I was able to find the programs and applications that I needed to create unique and effective graphics and enhanced pictures with photoshop – the result was a great presentation.  I had no idea how to use many of the programs before the daily create assignments!

I also found an amazing blog/digital story that has been the topic of many of my conversations with other moms this week.  The story helped support my theme for this semester and helped me reflect on my parenting and expectations.

I enjoyed the conversations that my group had in Hypothesis as we discussed our reading – the discussion was once again helpful in understanding the information and actually presented further questions and thoughts beyond the reading.  Very engaging.

I feel like I met the expectations this week and was excited that my learning was applicable to a “real” life situation.  I am continuing to learn how to learn!

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