Sanding+Staining= Community and Remix -Week 5 Reflection


It is summer and as a teacher, I love my summers.  It is precious time to get caught up on projects around the house, hang out with my amazing kids, relax and read for fun.  Part of my “relaxing” involves remixing around the house.  This week I realized I was really tired of my furniture and I decided to haul it outside and start sanding, painting, glazing, and staining.  Our readings focused on working together to create something better – to help each other grow.  Most of my inspiration for my furniture projects came from Pinterest and Google.  I found pictures and blogs that inspired me and gave me great ideas.  Many times it was the comments found on the blog that really helped.  Other people had tried a given technique and had found something that worked better for them or they asked questions and the answers to those questions spurred on more ideas.  A community of learners.  My projects ended up being a combination of several “pins” and google research.  Now I have some great looking “remixed” furniture (the picture above is not the final product – that is an “in progress” pic)!

I have always been curious about the Molly Brown museum/house in downtown Denver and found a great digital story about the house by a little girl named Lydia.  My family will be heading down there this week as we continue to “Explore Our Own Backyard”.

My ds106 assignments created more opportunities to play with PicMonkey, Collage Maker, Pixel, GarageBand, and Soundcloud .  Each time I use one of these sources, I find something new!

Overall it was a good week and I feel like I met the expectations.  Blogging is getting easier – over 20 posts already!   I am continuing to learn something new each day and finding ways to incorporate these ideas into my life and teaching.  Challenges are good.


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