You Are My Sunshine – Music Video

This week in INTE 5340, we were given the option of choosing a project from the DS106 Assignment Bank that explored our theme for the semester.  I choose to do Video Assignment 1447 – Create a Music Video.  In this assignment, we were asked to create our own music video to a song.

My theme for the semester is Exploring Your Own Backyard. With this project in mind, I recorded video and pictures of our hike to Hanging Lake this week.  This was an incredibly fun trip for our family.  Although the hike was rough at times, it was a gorgeous and reaching the top was not only an accomplishment but a beautiful reward!

I knew that it would be important to have video as well as pictures for this project and tried to get a balance of both.  It was a sunny day, and while I was taking pictures of the lake at the top, I noticed the amazing sun rays that would play with each shot.  Also, having my family together and enjoying each others company made me think of the song, You Are My Sunshine.  I looked up several versions on iTunes and choose the upbeat jazzy version by Jerry Lee Lewis, Sheryl Crow and Jon Brion.  After purchasing the song, I uploaded the pictures/videos of our trip from my phone into iMovie.  Because this was a music video, I felt like I needed to use the entire song, so I put the track down first and began to add pictures and videos – editing and picking pictures as I went.  I liked using the Ken Burns effect because there is movement even in your still shots.  I did have to work on the placement of the effect on several of the pictures so it did not cut off heads or land in strange spots.  When I finished, I shared the video to Youtube and now have a fun video to remember our amazing trip to Hanging Lake.


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