Summer Memories

Summer Subway Art

In our ILT 5340 class, we were given the freedom to choose any project from the DS106 Assignment Bank and focus on our chosen theme for the semester.  I chose Visual Assignment 1890, You In Collage Form.  The instructions were to make a collage of images, words or both that are special to you.  

I chose to brainstorm some words and places we had been this summer as we Explored Our Own Backyard.  This was a fun activity!  I had just read our TA’s blog (Lisa Dise) about finding our voice in our work this week and was inspired to find words that described or triggered memories of our special outings from the summer.  I also love subway art and decided to explore the different fonts that also helped describe the “feeling” behind the words.

I used PicMonkey (we are a “thing” now) and experimented with the different fonts and directions of the text to create a very busy, but visual, reminder of our adventures.  I made the background black and the letters white so I could eventually take this to Staples and get an engineering print made.  I will then decoupage it onto a canvas and viola – artwork and memories.



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