@Wk 6 Reflection #Thoughts

The beginning of this week seems like a lifetime ago… I decided that my ds106 Choice Assignment would be about a family trip to Hanging Lake (I am loving my themed assignments by the way – my family has been able to discover things we have always wanted to do but can’t seem to remember to do when we have time)  I took a mix of video and still pictures that I later edited and made into a music video.  Great times, great memories, and a project with a lasting purpose.

As a music teacher, I feel like I have an advantage with the whole “hands on” learning thing.  I rarely give a lecture or talk more than 5 minutes during my short 45-minute classes.  My students are creating music, acting out stories, playing instruments, dancing and experiencing music for most of the class time and working in collaborative groups to do so.  The required reading this week pushes me to pull more out of my students and offer even more opportunities for them to explore their interests.

Because of several of the Daily Create assignments, I have grown to love PicMonkey and once again had the opportunity to play with it some more outside of class assignments.  I am enjoying the daily create assignments.  Many times it is like be given a mystery and trying to find a way to solve it, all while learning about some great new tools or brushing up on some old ones.

I enjoyed reading the digital story critiques of my classmates as well as their takeaways from the readings.  Collaborative learning at its best.

I feel like I met the expectations for the week and completed each assignment as well as grew in my understanding of new tools and ideas.  By the way, before this class, I had “tweeted” only 2 times.  My new number is 44.  Okay, that is still not a lot, but for someone who really did not understand or care to understand Twitter, I am doing pretty good. #onedayiwillunderstand.


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