Week #7 – Reflection


I feel good about my accomplishments this week.  I love blogging (didn’t think I would say that when I started this class).  Blogging has helped me process the information I am taking in and see it on paper.  As I am starting my final reflection project, I am noticing that blogging is a great resource for my memory as well.  Seven weeks ago seems like a hundred assignments ago and my blog is serving as a great reminder of my fears and accomplishments.  I even started a personal blog this week.  I don’t really care if anyone reads it our not, but blogging has become a source of therapy and reflection.

My theme for this semester has pushed me to find educational fun activities for my family to do together and my DS106 Visual Assignment for this week helped me put all of those memories into a word picture.  We will be able to enjoy the “subway art” of our excursions for years to come.

The readings and responses to my peers challenged me to see other viewpoints and to give our students opportunities to share their voice through their writing and digital stories.  I hope that I can help my students find their inspiration and help them create!

This class has improved my way of thinking about online learning and is helping me relinquish some of my “control freak” nature when it comes to teaching (and parenting).

Week 8 – here we come!


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